When is a vehicle a oldimer ?

A car is an oldtimer when it's 25 year old. Light trucks, trucks and buses to be vintage when she was 30 years old.


What is the cost of a classic car ?

The cost of a vintage car can be difficult to be estimated. Everything of course depends on the condition and type of the vehicle. It speaks for itself that and the Ferrari is more expensive than a VW Beetle. For a more accurate prijsquotering to know your chosen car, you can better The Belgian Oldtimergids purchase. This is of almost all of the cars a target price.

One speaks usually about 3 different states. “Restauratietoestand”, “Reasonable state, but drive with some work” and “car in good condition, restored or original”.

A mustang coupe in restauratietoestand have you been for approx. 6.000 €, but a Shelby mustang will be more likely around the € 30,000 as costs in the same state. It all depends what you want and what you want to spend.


What is the cost of a vintage car insurance ?

A vintage car costs very little in terms of insurance. You have 2 ways for him to insure, “the oldtimerverzekering” or “classic car insurance”.

When you get your car register as a classic car, you have certain limitations, but you should only an annual flat-rate tax to pay, and but once, to the technical inspection. A classic car insurance, you pay a little more, but then you have virtually no limitations. You must, however, annually to the technical inspection and also pay the flat-rate road tax. Our personal preference goes to the classic car insurance. It costs about 100 € more per year, but then you have more to your vehicle. You can also for daily use to register, but then it goes of course a bit more expensive.


Can I get a car when I don't know of technique ?

That's what we are for . On the basis of a resource you can come for the most little things a bit further.


Where should I look for when purchasing a classic car ?

There are sensitive places in terms of rust. This applies to most cars. For example, the side sills, the bottoms of the doors, the batterijbakje, to the wheel edges, the cowl vents, etc. Also, the technical aspects can be your best good review. For example, running the motor at regular intervals, he starts well, switches on the gearbox smooth, brakes the car normally, the shock absorbers are still good, etc. If you have a classic car to purchase, please first check whether there is still a lot of parts for the particular model are available. This is an advantage for the Mustang. Almost all parts are still easily available. Both NOS and reproduction.


Should I be a member of a club ?

You don't need to be a member of a club, but it of course brings a lot of benefits. People with the same hobby and so also knowledge of the subject, which benefits the insurance companies, benefits at shops, meetings, and not to forget that you belong to a larger group of which your interests can defend t.o.v. for example, the government (stupid bills).

There are several "merkenclubs", where only a particular brand represented, but there are also clubs that are brand-independent, and all of the oldtimers represent.