When is a vehicle a oldimer ?

A car is an oldtimer when it's 25 year old. Light trucks, trucks and busses are vintage when tehy’re 30 years old.


What is the cost of a classic car ?

The cost of a vintage car can be difficult to estimate. Everything of course depends on the condition and type of the vehicle. It speaks for itself that a Ferrari is more expensive than a VW Beetle. For a more accurate quotation to know the cost of your chosen car, you should consult The Belgian Oldtimergids. This guide offers you a target price of almost all cars.

There are 3 different levels. “Needs restoration”, “Reasonable state, can drive but requires some work” and “car in good condition, restored or original”.

For a mustang coupe that “Needs resorations” you should be around 6.000 €. A Shelby mustang, in the same condition, will be more likely around the € 30,000. It all depends on what you want and what you want to spend.


What is the cost of a vintage car insurance ?

The insurance cost of a vintage car is rather low. You have 2 choices to insure your oldtimer: “the oldtimerinsurance” or “classic car insurance”.

When you register your car as a classic (oldtimerinsurance), you have certain limitations, but you should only pay an annual flat-rate taks. If you have a classic car insurance, you pay a little more, but then you have virtually no limitations. You must, however, follow the rules about for the technical inspection and you also have the annulal raod taks. Our personal preference goes to the classic car insurance. It slightly more expensive but you have more possibilities to drive your classic. You can ofcourse register your car as a daily driver.


Can I get a car when I don't know anything about technique ?

That’s why we are there . We can assist, from the small things to the large restorations/repairs.


Where should I look for when purchasing a classic car ?

There are sensitive places in terms of rust. This applies to most cars. For example, the side sills, the bottoms of the doors, the batterytray, to the wheel edges, the cowl vents, etc. Also, the technical aspects shoudl be reviewed carefully. For example, does the engine run with regular intervals, does it start easily, does the gearbox switches smoothly, do the brakes work, are the shock absorbers still good, etc. If you want to buy a classic car, please check first if there are still a lot spare parts available, if the model is popular,… This is an advantage of the Mustang. Almost all parts are still easily available. Both NOS and reproduction.


Should I be a member of a club ?

You don't need to be a member of a club, but it brings you a lot of benefits. You’ll meet people with the same hobby who also have extra knowledge about the cars, you have a benefit from the insurance companies, benefits at shops, meetings, and don’t forget: you belong to a larger group who can defend your interests, for example, against the government (stupid bills).

There are several "brandclubs", where only a particular brand is represented, but there are also clubs that are brand-independent, and represent all oldtimers.