Somewhere in the late '65 or early '66, during the traditional Sunday ride to the grandparents behind in my father's Anglia, I saw the car which would affect the rest of my life.

It was on the driveway of a house, and after all these years, I seems like it yesterday...


A 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback GT.

White color, blue GT striping and a dual exhaust.

From this moment on, I knew that I wanted to drive it.

At that time, I was about 7 years old, I knew that it wasn’t possible immedialety. However, since then not a single Mustang passed me unnoticed.

The years passed and my interest went especially to electricity, electronics, and technology. This would help me a lot later.


After school came the army.

One day, during my service, I passed a place a saw a Mustang for sale.

Once home, I told my parents about my discovery.

They declared me crazy, such a big, heavy car, and I didn’t even had a job.

Nevertheless, I bought the Mustang and since then it hasn’t stopped.

During my military service, I started reading books about automechanics, because I didn’t have the means to maintain and repair the Mustang elsewhere.

At the end of my servive, in '78, I went to work as maintenance technician, maintaining production lines in a washingpowder company.


As the years went by the Mustangs continued to be my loyal allies.


When talking to other Mustangowners I alway received the same question: who maintains your car. I could only say that I did it myself.

What followed were more and more questions on how I did it, what parts did I use, where did I buy them,…

So the idea began to grow to restore and maintain American cars myself.

The first step was taken in early '93. Still combined with other activities to survive the first years.

Mid 1998, I finally started to focus 100% on the American cars, and added another segment which was strongly increasing: automatic transmissions for all cars.


At the end of '99 I moved to a larger workshop since people were coming by with more and more Pick-Ups, Van's, Limousines and all kinds of Muscle Cars.

In February 2006, we did the big and final move to the large workshop where we are today, in the industrial zone in Hulshout.

This was the story about the creation American Vintage Cars.