Somewhere in late '65 or early '66 during the traditional Sunday ride to the grandparents behind in my father's Anglia, I saw the car which is to a large extent my life would affect.

On a driveway of a house he was, and after all these years, I see him like it was yesterday...


A 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback GT.

White color, blue GT striping and a dual exhaust.

From this moment on, I knew that I wanted to drive.

At that time, about 7 years old, this was not as immediately realizable, however, would never have a Mustang unnoticed drive-by.

The years passed and my interest went especially to all what with electricity, electronics, and technology. This would make me later still.


After school came the army.

During my service, I came past a place where a Mustang was for sale.

Once home, I told my parents my discovery.

They declared me crazy, such a big, heavy car, and I worked not even.

The Mustang was bought and since then it has not stopped.

During my military service, I started books about automechanica to read, because I obviously won't have the opportunity to the Mustang elsewhere to maintain and repair.

At the end of '78, my military service and I go to work as onderhoudstechnicien of production lines in a waspoederbedrijf and then in the cosmetics.


The years go by, and the Mustang continues to be a loyal ally.


Other Mustangrijders are always asking me where I got my car serviced that I now say that I myself do.

It follows, then, ask the question, or I use this also for them to want to do which I like inga.

The idea begins to grow around American cars to maintain and restore it.

Early '93.

Still combined with other activities to make the business viable.

Mid 1998, I could fully focus on the American cars, and another segment which has increased strongly, namely, automatic transmissions for all cars.


At the end of '99 is moved to a larger workshop since there are now more and more Pick-Ups, Van's, Limousines and all kinds of Muscle Cars.

In February 2006, there is again a move, of Itegem to a larger workshop, in the industrial zone in Hulshout.

And so is American Vintage Cars arise...