Welcome to our website.


Through our many years of experience we are experts in the field of mechanics.

Our specialization, however automatic gearboxes.

A C4 automatic from a classic Ford Mustang to a more recent transmission from a Mercedes 500 SEC, we do them all.


We also provide complete or deelrevisies of all types of engines.
Even motors out of boats are unknown.
Here you will get a small animation to show the operation of a 4 stroke engine which is in most cars.

For a complete restoration you can also contact us.
We already have some cars driving around that to perfection restored.

Of course, do it all not so drastically.

Also, we can ensure that your valuable classic, perfectly maintained.

We have enough customers that their classic car with us with fun leave.

We maintain the cars exactly or the the our !


Enjoy visiting our website and please do not hesitate to contact us for further info...